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Outreach Speech and Language advice service, bringing support to you

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Outdoor learning

Outdoor Learning

Recent research shows significant gains in child communication skills when provided with outdoor learning opportunities. A Mother and experienced holistic therapist, I am here to guide you and your children on your journey to connection through creativity, outdoor play and communication, factoring in the whole picture to include sleep, behaviour, nutrition and any other factors linked to development of speech and language skills. Advising on therapeutic speech and language  activities in outdoor spaces is a key feature of this support and taking talking outdoors really does have amazing results ! 

When possible I will visit you at a safe distance outside your home or at an outdoor space nearby, to provide supportive ideas and expertise to help you develop your child's speech, language and communication skills in the great outdoors. For those further away or in current circumstances, video calls are available 


Solution Focused Support

Professional support is here to guide you in what only you can do best, parenting your child. We can provide you with additional tools, techniques and resource signposting you may need, to face your child's communication and wellbeing challenges. Any or all of these things can help you: demonstrating activity techniques, signposting you to helpful resources, increasing confidence, relieving anxiety, empowering you and your children, developing resilience, resourcefulness, creativity, communication skills and connection through outdoor activities in nature, guiding you in solution focused  approaches to do more of what works for you and your child, working with you holistically on the big picture, to solve speech and language-related health issues, such as sleep, behaviour and nutrition and importantly, supporting you mentally and emotionally through your challenges with your child

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Speech and Language Therapist


Alexis Jones, Mother, Speech and Language Therapist, Holistic Practitioner, Homeopath


Our Practice

Speech Outreach has been designed to bring the help you need out to you, in an outdoor space in the West Wales community, during these times of hard to access services. As a Speech and Language Therapist of over 25 years and Homeopathic Practitioner since 2015, I am a highly skilled holistic professional who deeply values your child's health and wellbeing and sees the connection between overall health and communication skills. I take great pride in providing our community with high quality, family centred support.


Services We Provide


Advice Appointments

Contact Speech Outreach, we will arrange a video call or when possible, a visit to you in an outdoor space at or near your home to help you support your child's communication skills, wellbeing and development. 


There for You

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Mother,  Therapist,  Holistic Practitioner 


Holistic Healthcare

Your child is a whole being, you don't  need me to tell you that. I can help with sleep, behaviour and health and wellbeing as foundation pillars to developing effective speech, language and  communication skills. As a holistic practitioner, I understand the connections between all the aspects of your child's development and how supporting one area can boost development in another.


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