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Speech Outreach

Language and Speech Outreach Support 

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There is no doubt that NHS Speech Therapy services are high quality and effective. I have had the privilege to work with exceptional and highly skilled practitioners over my 28 year NHS career. It is also true that NHS Speech Therapy waiting lists can cause anxiety for parents waiting months, sometimes years for support and diagnosis. Speech-Outreach aims to help bridge the gap for families during the waiting period, to provide an effective and professional early intervention support service, with dedicated time for families. By working together we find holistic solutions for children with communication and developmental difficulties.





Solution Focused Support


With 28 years NHS clinical experience, I am a skilled and creative therapist able to engage your child in speech and language activities which are motivating for them.

My many years of clinical experience have taught me that speech and language difficulties don't often come alone

and that there are often co-occurring, related  problems

with glue ear, sleep, behaviour and attention and listening for



Speech-Outreach aims to provide a complementary

wellbeing service and  reach out to those who are waiting

for speech, language and  communication support with local authority services.


By working with you on the big picture, by supporting you holistically to find solutions, we can work to make your

family life easier. By enhancing your child's general health, wellbeing and development, we can prevent further

problems from developing along the way. 

Professional support is here to guide you, I can provide you

with additional tools, techniques and with resource

signposting for speech, language, communication and

wellbeing challenges.

I am here to provide therapy, treatment and expertise.

Any or all of the following can help you :

 *demonstrating therapy activities and techniques.

 *signposting you to helpful resources and services. 

 *liaising with local services on your behalf.

 *increasing parenting confidence.

 *relieving anxiety.

 *empowering you and your children.  

 *developing resilience, resourcefulness and  creativity, 

 *enriching your child's communication skills in the

  outdoor - learning natural environment.

 *guiding you in solution-focused approaches to do more

  of what works for you in your daily routines.

 *working with you holistically on the big picture, to solve

   speech  and language-related health issues, such as

  glue ear, sleep, anxiety, depression, behaviour and nutrition,


  and importantly,

 *supporting you mentally and emotionally through your

  and your child's  challenges.

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               Bringing Support to You

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Alexis Jones
Mother, Speech and Language Therapist,
Holistic Practitioner.  

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Our Practice

Speech-Outreach has been designed to bring you the help you need, during these times of hard to access services. As a Speech and Language Therapist of over 28 years and Homeopathic Practitioner since 2015, I am a highly skilled holistic professional who deeply values and sees the connection between overall health and communication skills, providing you with high quality, family centred support.

A Mother and experienced holistic therapist, I am here to guide you through your challenges. Holistic support means  factoring in the whole picture to include health and wellbeing : sleep, behaviour, nutrition and any other factors linked to communication skills .

Significant gains in communication skills can be achieved when speech therapy expertise is supported with holistic approaches, for example: natural medicine, health and wellbeing support and outdoor learning opportunities, all of which can be provided and facilitated, as an addition to Speech Therapy support, when requested by clients.

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Advice Appointments


Consultations are available at the clinic premises at SA17 5TE, or at a location of your choice within 40 miles of the clinic base in Carmarthenshire, Wales.  For those further away or outside of the U.K, or where remote consultations are preferred, video calls are available.


Contact Speech-Outreach, to arrange a video call or visit, to discuss your speech, language, communication and wellbeing needs. Perhaps communication skills are slow to develop or there has been a trauma which has meant regression or loss of communication skills.  There may be limited vocabulary, unclear speech, attention and behaviour concerns, or a stammer. Please get in touch to see how I can help



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There for You

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Holistic Healthcare

We are whole beings, you don't  need me to tell you that. I can support wellbeing issues as foundation pillars to developing communication skills. As a holistic practitioner, I understand the connection between  inter-related aspects of child development, health and wellbeing, understanding how supporting one area can boost development in another.

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Weds - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

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Contact telephone: 07976091129

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